Thursday, 1 May 2008

Where's your head (wrap) at?

It seems head wraps, ribbons and general sparkling embellishment are the raison d'etre amongst fashionista slebs at the moment. I have been observing the growing popularity of such decoration of the head with interest. Being an established fan of ribbons ( see earlier post) and a recent fan of Gossip Girl, I have been delighted to see the attention that Blair Waldorf's headgear has been getting, although I have to say the sloany pony look is not really my stuff, and the more BoBo ( see this week's Grazia, genius) look of Serena Van Der Woodsen catches my eye a little more. My perennial style crushes MK and Ashley Olsen have been spotted all wrapped up and the lovely people at have catalogued the looks of LA's finest. The best thing about this look is your hair needs to be a bit messy, so that suits me. It also seems like you can wrap pretty much anything around your bonce for different looks, day to night stylee. I particularly like Urban Outfitters' Linked Headwrap and the Chain Braided Headwrap, which is sophisticated and summery at the same time, as is the gorgeous Skinny Feather Headwrap. For a Fame feel, American Apparel's lamé headbands can't be beaten.
With this in mind, and the fact that I have £4.79 in the whole world, I experimented a bit with stuff I have hanging around - turns out you can pretty much wrap anything around your head, as I hoped! I think the fringe hinders rather than helps but I reckon it just changes the look - if your hair is short for example, it will look different to someone with Pre-Raphaelite waves. I expect one of these looks will be gracing my tete at The Boy's gig in Brizzle tonight - see you there!

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