Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Henry Holland and Me

Whilst procrastinating today, I was flicking through The Times's style pages and discovered something amazing... to me... Henry Holland, fashion designour du jour and bezzie of Agyness Deyn started his tshirt line from the Bliss fashion cupboard. This to me is amazing for two reasons. Firstly, I have been making my own tshirts, mostly printed (like Henry's) or beaded for years, although time has been limited recently. I go around with tshirt ideas in my head, as, so it seems, does he. Admittedly for him it started with a BoomBox in-joke between him and Gareth Pugh (UHU Gareth Pugh) but still. Secondly, he has managed to marry this "hobby" with a career in magazine journalism, something which I am training for. "Could this be my future?" I thought, before foolishly realising that A. I am not a man, B. I am not half as cool and Henry Holland et al, C. My tshirts aren't funny. Damn. Nevermind, it still gave me hope. For someone who loves fashion and harbours a secret desire to be a fashion designer, I always thought tshirts were the way to go about it. Seems Henry was thinking the same thing. Plus, him and AGYNESS DEYN no less were both crapping themselves when they met Anna Wintour. Perfectly sensible I say.

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